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Opportunities abound at upcoming Franchise Expo Malaysia 2024

(From left): Former MRCA president Datuk Seri Garry Chua, FEM organising chairman Terry Tay (second from left), MRCA president Datuk Ken Phua (sixth from left ), MRCA deputy president Datuk Liew Bin (second from right), and MRCA retail conference organising chairperson Christine Tan (far right) during Franchise Expo Malaysia 2024 press conference at Plenary Theatre, KLCC.

The event promises to be a transformative hub, fostering knowledge, growth, and investment opportunities within the franchising industry

FRANCHISING offers a proven model and extensive support system, making it an appealing choice for both new and experienced entrepreneurs.

The Franchise Expo Malaysia (FEM) 2024, set to take place at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC) from July 11 to 13, serves as a catalyst for any entrepreneurial journey.

Organised by the Malaysia Retail Chain Association (MRCA), the 2024 Expo will feature over 500 booths from more than 10 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, Cambodia and India. China and Taiwan will have their own pavilions, showcasing unique offerings and innovations.

FEM organising chairman Terry Tay says that the aim of the event is to provide a platform for local and international businesses to explore opportunities and enhance communications.

“Participants will gain insight into the latest industry trends and network with key stakeholders, while exhibitors can showcase their products and services to a targeted audience, increasing their visibility and potential customer base,” Tay adds.

MRCA retail conference organising chairperson Christine Tan said the event also offers a valuable platform for networking and growth in retail – especially in the age of artificial intelligence (AI).

Meanwhile, MRCA president Datuk Ken Phua highlighted the event's focus on equipping entrepreneurs with the latest gadgets and tools essential for thriving in a digital-first market.

"I intend to reinforce MRCA’s four pillars of retail by fostering a culture of learning and sharing key success strategies during these challenging times," he says.

Phua adds that MCRA is also launching a platform – supported by our MRCA Academy, for networking with local and international industry players.

This initiative, he explains, is designed to enhance the understanding of globalisation and prepare for the AI, and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) era, to help mitigate potential disruptions.

Phua, in urging MRCA members to cultivate a spirit of innovation and adaptability, says:

"As consumer behaviours merge between online and offline realms, a seamless and consistent shopping experience across all platforms – in-store, online, or via mobile – is crucial. We must adopt omnichannel strategies to meet customer expectations wherever they are.

"Consumers are increasingly focusing on the environmental impact and ethical considerations of their purchasing decisions. It is vital that we, as retailers, commit to sustainable practices and transparency, which not only benefit the planet but also build consumer trust and loyalty.

"The integration of AI, augmented reality, and virtual reality is transforming traditional shopping experiences, enhancing customer engagement, and improving inventory management and operational efficiency. Embracing these technologies is essential for staying competitive in a rapidly evolving marketplace," he adds.

As FEM 2024 prepares for its seventh edition, it positions itself as a trailblazer in Southeast Asia with the theme "Invest in the Future."

More than just an event, FEM 2024 is set to be a strategic hub that uniquely combines forward-thinking franchise opportunities with cutting-edge technological advancements, distinguishing it from other expos.

MRCA's commitment to transforming Malaysia into a franchising powerhouse is evident in its meticulous organisation of the expo.

The event promises unprecedented access to industry insights, expert support, and peer networking opportunities, making it an invaluable platform for anyone looking to invest in the future of franchising.

Formerly known as the Malaysia International Retail and Franchise (MIRF) exhibition, it has grown from 230 booths since the inaugural event to 500 booths this year.

This three-day event is expected to attract 15,000 visitors and generate a transaction value of RM100 mil.

Member admission is priced at RM450 and non-member at RM500. For those who register early, member admission is RM405, while non-member admissions are RM450.

For more information, visit FEM 2024’s Facebook page here.


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