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Exploring the latest innovations in e-paper solutions

The Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 event was abuzz with excitement as leading players in the digital display industry showcased their cutting-edge e-paper solutions. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most intriguing innovations unveiled during the event:

PPDS introduces Philips Tableaux low-power e-paper signage:

PPDS stole the spotlight with its Philips Tableaux series of smart e-paper display solutions. These color e-paper signage products are designed to revolutionize offline retail and other environments where power efficiency is crucial. With vibrant visual effects and minimal power consumption, these displays are a game-changer.

Sharp NEC’s energy-saving signage solutions:

Sharp NEC dazzled attendees with its lineup of energy-efficient e-paper signage, including the 13-inch and 25-inch variants. These signs, powered by ACeP full-color e-paper technology, offer unparalleled visual experiences while promoting sustainability—an ideal choice for various applications like retail promotions and transportation information displays.

RapidSignage’s Hybrid-CMS integration:

RapidSignage showcased its innovative Hybrid-CMS solution, combining LED panels with color-changing e-paper technology. This fusion creates dynamic and versatile digital signage solutions suitable for diverse information display needs, marking a significant milestone in urban intelligence.

Cymmetrik’s Net Zero e-paper Smart Retail Solution:

Cymmetrik wowed the crowd with its Net Zero e-paper smart retail solution. By harnessing indoor light sources to power electronic labels, this groundbreaking solution achieves net-zero standards while offering dynamic marketing capabilities, revolutionizing the offline retail experience.

SEEKINK’s full-color e-paper signage:

SEEKINK, a leading player in the e-paper industry, showcased its latest full-color e-paper signage at ISE 2024. The S253 model, in particular, boasts stunning visuals and realistic colors, thanks to E Ink Gallery Plus technology, making it a standout choice for indoor signage applications.

DynaScan’s sustainable outdoor solution:

DynaScan impressed attendees with its sustainable digital out-of-home (DOOH) solution using color e-paper technology. With excellent visibility in sunlight and low power consumption, these displays are perfect for storefronts and outdoor settings, promising longevity and reliability.

Papercast’s outdoor e-paper signage:

Papercast unveiled its sustainable battery or solar-powered outdoor e-paper signage series, offering sizes ranging from 13 inches to 42 inches. With industry-leading power efficiency and wireless connectivity, these displays promise hassle-free deployment and content management.

Longshine’s Spectra 6 e-paper signage:

Longshine debuted its Spectra 6 color e-paper signage, featuring a stunning 31.5-inch display with enhanced color performance and lower power consumption. Equipped with Android 12 and remote update capabilities, these signs offer seamless playback and easy management.

Visionect’s next-generation content management:

Visionect showcased its Next Generation Content Management system, highlighting seamless integration with state-of-the-art hardware solutions. With enhanced visual optimization and customization options, this system promises a superior visual experience for users.

BOE’s e-paper smart workplace solution:

BOE unveiled its e-paper-based smart office solution, featuring electronic nameplates and conference doorplates. With a focus on energy efficiency and user convenience, these displays offer a glimpse into the future of workplace management.


Televic presented the PLIXUS NAMPLATE, an e-paper electronic nameplate designed for conference settings. With ultra-low power consumption and user-friendly software, these nameplates enhance meeting efficiency and participant engagement.

Tint Technologies’ Industrial Aesthetics:

Tint Technologies showcased its elegant e-paper signage products, featuring exquisite designs and low power consumption. These devices promise versatility and reliability across various applications, from museums to office buildings.

Litemax’s ECOgreenpixel e-paper signage:

Litemax introduced its ECOgreenpixel series, embodying green innovation with various e-paper signage models. With a focus on environmental sustainability, these displays offer a greener alternative for businesses and organizations.

Joan’s smart workplace management solution:

Joan presented its integrated workplace management system based on e-paper technology, offering efficiency and cost-effectiveness for businesses. With sustainable digital signage solutions, Joan reshapes the way workplaces are managed, promising a more streamlined experience for users.

FLEXEZ & OOMMNIS’s smart workplace solution:

FLEXEZ & OOMMNIS showcased a comprehensive smart office solution, leveraging e-paper technology for energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. With seamless integration and user-friendly features, this solution promises to enhance productivity and collaboration in modern workplaces.


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