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AI-Augmented Retail Checkouts

This Checkout Solution Helps Prevent Theft and Scanning Errors

Diebold Nixdorf, a multinational retail technology company that offers a variety of products and services that are associated with self-checkout and self-service transactions and point-of-sale, is launching a brand new AI-enhanced retail checkout product that aims to assist retailers in evading shrinkage-related loss.

These AI retail checkout stations make use of Vynamic Smart Vision I Shrink Reduction that is designed to tackle some of the most common sources of self-checkout-related losses, such as scanning errors, dishonest barcode entries and theft. What's more, these AI checkout tools are also fully capable of verifying age for the sale of age-restricted products like alcohol.

“We designed our new AI-powered offerings based on insights we’ve gained deploying millions of POS and thousands of self-checkouts across the major retailers we work with,” said Matt Redwood, vice president of retail technology solutions over at Diebold Nixdorf, in a press release.

What's more, these retail checkout solutions are designed to be easy to implement without adding undue costs for retailers.

Trend Themes

1. AI-enhanced Retail Checkout Stations - Implementing AI technology in retail checkout stations provides a solution to common self-checkout-related losses and age verification challenges.

2. Vynamic Smart Vision I Shrink Reduction - The introduction of Vynamic Smart Vision I technology in retail checkout stations aims to address scanning errors, dishonest barcode entries, and theft.

3. Easy Implementation of Retail Checkout Solutions - Retail checkout solutions that are designed to be easy to implement offer a seamless integration without incurring excessive costs for retailers.

Industry Implications

1. Retail Technology - The retail technology industry can benefit from integrating AI technology into checkout stations to reduce losses and improve efficiency.

2. Self-checkout Systems - The self-checkout systems industry can leverage advancements like Vynamic Smart Vision I technology to enhance security and prevent scanning errors.

3. Point-of-sale Solutions - Incorporating AI-powered retail checkout solutions into point-of-sale systems offers opportunities for accurate age verification and reduced shrinkage-related loss.


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